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Best for beginners, students or if you have less content to check.

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Actual Price $10 Discounted Price $5 *limited time offer


Best for small business, teachers, writers and webmasters.

200 Search Queries

Actual Price $20 Discounted Price $10 *limited time offer


Best for publishers, proofreaders or if you have large content to check.

400 Search Queries

Actual Price $40 Discounted Price $20 *limited time offer

Online Plagiarism Checker Tool for All!

To cope with the duplicate content issue, Plagiarism Checking Tool is very important. It has become the need of almost second person. If you’re using information available on the web then 75% chance is that you are either a student, a teacher, or relating to some business which has some connection with Web. There are plenty of free tools available on the web but those are based for very simple logarithm. They can’t detect duplicate content if you simply change synonyms or use some spinner tool.

Why Writer’s Drive Plagiarism Checking Tool?

Writers Drive aims to provide you the best online Tool. This is not like conventional tool. It can detect plagiarism even if you have scraped and spinned the text. A special algorithm was formed to develop this tool so you may get the real check.

Which Package Should I Buy?

Writers Drive offers you the best packages according to your need. If you are a student then you will need to check just few papers and assignments so the “Basic Package” is good for you which will cost you just $5 and in return you will get 100 Queries. If you are a teacher then you will have to check the work of many students so you will need a bigger package and for you Writers Drive have “Standard Package” where you get 500 Queries for just $20. And if you are a blogger or have some online blogging or content writing sort of business then you should opt for the “Professional Package” of Writers Drive to check all the articles, content and papers. In the Business Package you get 1000 Queries for $40 only. To get real check, Sign up now to your appropriate package.

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"Best duplicate content checker tool i have ever used. Very precise and specific results and i can see my search history anytime i want"
Yhamla B.
"Amazing tool, affordable rates and quick results."
David Bosley

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