Word Count


Word count tool to count words and characters

Writers Drive Word Counter Tool is a free to use tool to count words and characters in any text you paste here in the box. It instantly and very quickly counts the number of words and character as you click on the button “Count Words”. If you have a text file with some text in it and you want to count the words and characters in that file then you can do it without even opening that file. Writers Drive Word Count Tool allows you to choose and attach file and then you can count the words and characters in that file. Word Counting Tool of Writers Drive is better than the Word Counters on various other websites as it comes with more tools as well like Spell Checker, Plagiarism Checker and Text Comparison Tool. Here the user gets all the required tools in a single place and that’s why it is called Writers Drive. Word Counter feature is no doubt available in most of advance Word Processors like MS Word but sometimes a user don’t install such word processors and then you have to count words which is obviously a time taking and irritating process. This tool is designed for that time when you don’t have time to install any word processor application. Moreover, this word counter gives you relief from copying whole text and the pasting in a MS Word to count its words and characters. This Word Counting Tool is best for tablet and other mobile device users. You can say this word counter for tablets and mobile users is best in the sense as they simply open browser and can count words of any text. Mobile user now doesn’t need to install some separate app to get this feature. In short, Word Counter is the best tool for every sort of user.