Text Compare


Text comparison tool to compare text files or text

Text Comparison Tool is a unique tool you will ever find online. No other website yet offers this tool online. Using Text Comparison tool you can compare two texts whether they are similar or not and if they are similar then how much similar both the texts are. It simply highlights the similar text and you get the idea about similarity of the both texts. The Text Comparison tool is handy especially for those who are re-writing or rephrasing some text. After rewriting they can compare whether they have done enough changing in the text that they can pass the plagiarism test for that text. It can be very useful tool; you can say a power tool, for a SEO expert who needs to rewrite so many times a single article. Before the development of tool it used to be the wish of a rewriter that he could be able to compare the rewritten text with the source in order to get sure about the originality of the rewritten text. Now this amazing and unique text comparison tool is freely available to you on Writers Drive and there’s no limit to its use. Before the provision of this tool by Writers Drive online, one had to install some paid app to get this service. But now you don’t need to find any such app. simply go to Writers Drive and use the text comparison tool freely without bothering yourself in downloading and installing the app on your PC or mobile device.