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Spell checker tool to check text for spelling mistakes

Spell Checker Tool on Writers Drive is designed to locate and correct the spelling errors and mistakes in a given text. You don’t need to have any advance word processing application to check for spelling errors. Simply open Writers Drive on your browser and use this free tool to check spelling mistakes in your text. It’s different from ordinary Spell Checker as for it you don’t need to have any special app. Moreover this spell checker can be on any device. The age is of tablet device age and everyone use internet on tablet devices. Tablet devices have limited memory so you have to be very choosy while installing apps. Now with the spell checking tool you don’t need to have any separate app. simply open the browser and use this Writers Drive Spell Checker tool. This spell checker gives you instant result. No need to wait for the long processing. As you click, you get the results. This Spell Checking Tool is designed not just for English Language. It was developed for 4 main languages of the world i.e. English, Dutch, French and Spanish. So for the very first time, you can check the spellings of any text whether it’s in English, Spanish, French or Dutch.

Nothing hard to do, simply paste the text into the box and get the spellings checked instantly. It’s very useful as highlights the spelling mistakes and when you click on the mistakes, it tells the possible correct word. So you don’t even need to retype the word correctly. Just click on the correct word and your mistake will be corrected.