Plagiarism Checker
Plagiarism Checker is the only free plagiarism checking tool available online. You can check any text if it is copied or plagiarized or not simply by entering the text in the box. It checks each and every line quickly and carefully using basic Google Commands. If a text is found plagiarized then you can even check the URLs from where it was copied.
Word Count
Word Counter Tool is very simple and fast tool to count words and characters of any text or even text file. To count the words and characters of any text, simply click in the box and paste text and then click on count words button. If you have some text file then choose the file and attach it and then click on count button to count words and characters of that file within no time.
Spell Checker
Spell Checker tool allows you to find spelling mistakes in the text you paste in the box. This spelling checker can check spelling mistakes in a text file too. Simply choose the file and check for spelling errors after attaching it. This amazing spell checking tool allows checking for spelling error of 4 languages i.e. English, Spanish, Dutch and French.
Text Comparison
Text Comparison tool allows you to compare two texts and reveals that how much similar the two given texts are. This Text Comparing Tool is handy when you rewrite some text so you may get the idea how much original text you have produced by rewriting process. Simply paste the original text in one box and the rewritten text in the other and then compare.